Southern Germany…and more

Back from Barcelona, we brought a friend of ours along to show some of the great parts of Germany, and also a little bit more. First stop was my parent’s place, a small village in palatinate where I got to show them one of our typical frame houses.


Yeah, while we’re around there, why no have a little peek at Strasbourg, a really beautiful, historic city located pretty close to the French-German border. Highlight of the city, apart from all those water-channels and the lovely old-town in general, is the Cathédrale Notre Dame. Not THE Notre Dame of course (Yeah, they got one in Strasbourg as well), but still a really impressive building, that’s definitely worth a stop. And while you’re around there anyway, you should consider paying a visit to the local store of Amorino Gelato, an ice cream parlor that specialized in making gorgeous flower-shaped ice cream.

Food, Food, Food!

Talking about food, there’s definitely two other feasts, that deserve to be mentioned. One was our visit to the Korean place Gogi Matcha in Heidelberg, which offered what I felt like to be authentic and delicious Korean dishes. Yummy!

And since you can’t go out for dinner every day, we decided to have common International Dinner the day after, which consisted of  Mexican Chilaquiles, Vietnamese Fried Rice and German Kartoffelsalat.


Last but not least – a short trip one of Germany’s biggest cities: Frankfurt am Main.

From the breathtaking banking district to the magnificent old-town, this city has a variety of diverse places to visit, some of which I didn’t know about before. Especially the  bar and club quarter in Alt-Sachsenhausen definitely calls for a revisit! But in the end, we settled for a small karaoke place, which was a whole lot of fun as well.


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