Dos dias en Barcelona II

Park Güell

The second day dawns, and we’re already up, climbing the many stairs up to Park Güell, the grand masterpiece of Barcelona’s ever-present architect Antoni Gaudí. The reason for this early-morning adventure has something to do with the fact that entry to the park is free for anyone arriving before 8 AM. So thanks to this great suggestion by a friend of ours, we showed up just in time to see the sun (kind of) rise over Barcelona and get a great look at the park before most of the other visitors arrived.

The German Pavilion

Next on the list was a building constructed for 1929’s international exhibition in Barcelona, which, due to the never before seen nature of its architecture, had been re-erected after the event and can still be visited today.

Some of us were overjoyed and excited to marvel at the revolutionary and innovative architectural style of this building…

… some of us, well, maybe not so much….


Palau Nacional

Really close-by to the pavilion, you find the National Palace, which hosts the National Art museum of Catalonia and, by the way, also gives you an excellent view over the whole city. And even if you don’t feel up to climb all those stone steps up to the top, don’t worry. There is an abundance of escalators around, so you will make it up there, no matter what!


This one definitely a honorable mention, because it was the most unexpected one of all of Barcelona’s attractions. The CosmoCaixa is an ‘interactive science museum’, which let’s to experience all kinds of physical and chemical interrelations all by yourself and is thereby suited for visitors of almost any age group. While it will only cost you 4 €, this place will keep you fascinated for a whole afternoon and even after that, you won’t have seen all they have to offer. Heart of the museum definitely is the big tropical terrarium which lots of big and small water creatures which you can observe from almost any angle.



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