Dos dias en Barcelona

Buckle up, guys, it’s time for yet another Europe-trip!

Due to some pretty cheap Ryan-air flights, we decided to pay a spontaneous visit to Barcelona, meet up with two Mexican friends and generally spend two awesome days over there. Vámonos!

Girona Airport

Okay, since this seems to be a common misconception, let me start off by telling you a little bit about this place. Girona airport is not, as sometimes indicated, anywhere close to Barcelona. Instead, it takes you about an hour by bus between there and the actual inner city.

But enough with the nagging! If you keep that in mind, you can actually get pretty cheap flights to and from this airport, so that even the 16 € (25 € for both ways) won’t bother you that much. Check here for some more information on this.


Settling in

Our AirBnb-place was located near the city center in a quarter named El Raval. In contrast to the rest of the city, this area is characterized by its very narrow streets that hardly allow any traffic and its many tiny stores and restaurants, that offer fairly cheap food and groceries. For any low budget trip to Barcelona, this is definitely a good choice!

Parc de la Ciutadella…

Located within the inner city, this idyllic park gives you a break from all those hectic vibes around the mega-city that is Barcelona. Highlight of the park is, without doubt, the impressive water fountain Cascada, that was partly designed by famous architect Antoni Gaudi (Like so many other buildings in Barcelona).

..and all those other postcard places

Of course, there are some attractions that you simply can’t get around when visiting Barcelona, such as the Arc de Triomf, the Casa Batlló (Yet another beautiful building by Gaudi) and the Sagrada Familia (The most famous church of Barcelona, also partly created by… Yeah you guessed it!  The great Señor Gaudi). The later two of which were, even outside of the high season, really crowded which made us decide not to enter but instead just get a good look from outside.

Roaming around

But even without a designated location to go to, Barcelona has a lot to offer when you just wander around. And of course the beach is another definite must-go, so make sure not to miss it!


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